Totally Sweet Greeting Cards

Ok, I’m a total sucker for cute things – especially when they feature cupcakes or other baked goods. I admit it! I have a problem! But…I’m not quite ready to seek help…

I have somewhere around 5 aprons (and I manage to dirty them all in 1 week), but I STILL bought an apron I found recently at Hobby Lobby where you can cross-stitch a cupcake on the front! It was just too cute to pass up!

I also really love stationery. There’s something about the emptiness of the colorful cardstock that appeals to me! Hmmm…cakes are like a big empty canvas too…maybe there’s a pattern there…

Anyway, don’t you just love to get snail mail on cute paper? It makes me smile! Well, I found a bunch of cake-themed greeting cards that are sure to make your day.

CakeSpy just announced the release of its 2009 Holiday Card Collection! LOOOOOVE them! (in sing-song voice)

Then, I found these on ETSY:

How cute is this card? crimsonpeachyart calls it “the Future is Bright.” What a great card for grads this fall!

Then there are these cards that appeal to the scrapbooker in me – the first is from whimsypics and the second is from neparker:

QueenBeeInspirations sells these awesomely colorful cards!

And I love the artistic simplicity of these cards from ShyPanda.

This next one from juliehum, I find HILARIOUS! Warning: It’s not for the faint of heart. I’d only give these to a VERY close friend!

And I LOVE THIS! You can mail an entire fake slice of chocolate cake! In fact, I’m ordering some from TangBaby today! But, do you think they’ll ever make it to the intended destination? They’re just so tempting!

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  1. Melissa@WhimsyPics

    YUM YUM YUM! Thanks so much for including my Birthday Card in this super yummy feature 🙂

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