Time for a Wreath Change!

If you recall back in October, I decorated some Fall wreaths to match the season. In case you missed it, I started with a plain brown wreath and stuck various flowers and leaves into it. The wreath held all the decorations without any glue so I could easily pull them back out and stick new ones in for winter!

First, I wanted a really traditional wreath with lots of greenery. The pine cones and berries were ON SALE at both Michael’s and JoAnn’s this month so they ended up being about 30 cents a piece. That’s cheap!

I’m also really into blue decorations this year. To make this next wreath, I wrapped a silvery, glittery ribbon loosely around the wreath. Then I added the super cheap pine cones, berries, and glittery snowflakes. The blues are subtle and give my Florida front door a real winter feel!

And here’s a wreath I made a few years ago (I apologize for the poor photo quality):

I saw Martha Stewart do it and thought, “That’s easy enough! I can do that!” It’s just loops of ribbon threaded onto a floral pin and stuck into a Styrofoam wreath. Yea, it was easy…but it was also very time consuming…and expensive! Spools and spools of ribbon later, the wreath was finally done. I love the finished product though!

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