“Surprise, I’m Pregnant!” Cookies

We love helping families break the news about pregnancies to their families.  Usually, the big reveal is whether the baby is a boy or girl, but a few months ago, we were able to help a future Mommy tell her family that she was pregnant!

Maggie, a soon-to-be first-time Mom, asked us to make personalized cookies for her step-daughters.  The onesie cookies read “I can’t wait to meet my BIG sister Jaidyn/Mikayla!”  As you can see from the picture, the girls were thrilled with the news! Maggie's step-daughters with their personalized cookies.

Then Maggie broke the news to the rest of her family with cookies that read the baby’s name and the due date.  Here’s Maggie’s Mom’s initial reaction:Maggie's Mom's first reaction! Priceless!

And then the tears welled up:And Maggie's Mom's second reaction

Don’t you just love it?  What great memories (and photos) to share with the baby when he’s older!

Here is Maggie’s beautiful family just after the big reveal.  And, I’m pleased to tell you that Maggie gave birth to a healthy, handsome baby boy just a few days ago.  Congratulations, Maggie and family!

Maggie and her beautiful family after the big reveal.