Cat & Dog Cake

Before Melanie went on maternity leave, she created a 1st birthday cake for a sweet girl named Amelie.  Her mom asked that Mel design the cake around her favorite stuffed animal – a cat!

Amelie's birthday cake topped with a sugar replica of her favorite stuffed cat!

So Mel created a sugar version of her favorite stuffed cat and included it in a customized cake topper:

Close-up of the dog & cat topper made for birthday girl Amelie.

And here’s a photo of Amelie’s party cake and smash cake next to the actual stuffed cat!  Amelie actually has 2 of the same stuffed animal so Mel was able to use one during the design of the cake and Amelie kept the other one close by.

Amelie's cake, smash cake, and her favorite stuffed cat - the inspriation behind the cake!

Happy 1st birthday, Amelie!