Super Hero Birthday Party

A 4-tier comic montage we made for Super Kenneth's birthday party!

Super hero-themed birthday parties are so IN! We’ve been dying to try our hands on a super hero cake, and the opportunity finally arrived when Kenneth’s Mom (aka Katy at Birdie Baby Boutique) asked us to make his cake.  Yes!

Close-up of the top 2 tiers of Kenneth's super hero cake - Superman and Spiderman!

The top tiers featured Superman and Spider Man!

Close-up of the bottom 2 tiers of Kenneth's super hero cake - Batman and Captain America!

Next up? Batman and Captain America!  And, we had to include little catch phrases from the classic Batman comics, like “Kapow,” “Bam,” and “Pow”!  We threaded these phrases onto wires and inserted them into the cake so they bounced, jostled, and blew in the wind, adding life and movement to the cake.

Super hero cupcakes - because every hero must keep his/her energy up!

And the perfect accessory for the centerpiece cake?  Cupcakes, of course!  Ideal for the super hero on the go who needs to keep his/her energy up.

The cake & snack table at Super Kenneth's party

Katy’s cake table included an hand-made cityscape backdrop and lots of Super Hero snacks.

Just some of the super hero fuel at Kenneth's party.The 4-tier super hero beast of a cake at the party!

We had a blast creating this cake and want to wish Super Kenneth a very happy birthday!

*Note: This birthday party was made possible through a collaborative effort with photographers, event planners, and graphic designers.  Once they write their own blog posts about the party, I will update this post to include their links.