Birthday with the Family Pets!

We decorated a very special birthday cake this week.  Well, all our cakes are special in their own way, but this one stood out because this is the 3rd cake we’ve made for this family.

Vivian’s birthday was quickly approaching and she was browsing our website with her Mom.  Vivian said, “Mom, there’s Kyle’s cake (the Graffiti cake under “Graduations”) and there’s Ava’s cake.  I’m the only one without a cake on their website!”

Well, that just won’t do!  Vivian’s only request for her birthday cake was that it include their family pets – an American Bulldog and a Pug.  No problem!

Vivian's 7th birthday cake covered in fondant and topped with sugar versions of her 2 favorite dogs!

Vivian also likes fondant so we covered her cake in a buttercup yellow fondant and added purple polka dots.  We wrapped an hot pink fondant ribbon & bow around the base of the tier and used the same hot pink to make an edible “7” to stand behind the dogs.

Vivian's pet dogs recreated in sugar form!

The dogs were created out of gum paste (a sugar dough that dries hard) based on family photos Vivian’s Mom sent us.  And the great thing about them is Vivian will be able to remove them from the cake and keep them on a shelf for a long, long time!

Happy birthday, Vivian!  We were thrilled to make your cake and hope you have grand ideas for your 8th birthday cake too!