Simplistic Wedding Design

These days, wedding cakes don’t have to be iced with white buttercream and adorned with white ruffles, flowers, etc.  You can go bonkers with the decorations!  Here’s a great example of a wedding cake that’s totally out-of-the-box.

But just because you don’t HAVE to have the traditional white wedding cake doesn’t mean you can’t if you want to.  A couple of weeks ago, we created a cake for Kristina and Rich for their wedding at the Bilmar Beach Resort on Treasure Island, FL.

Kristina wanted to keep the cake clean and simple.  And she wanted to incorporate pink and some sparkle!  Truly a cake with clean lines and no clutter! Just what Kristina wanted - white, pink, and a little sparkle!

The cake was iced in white buttercream.  The top and bottom tiers were wrapped with a pink ribbon to match her bridesmaids’ dresses, and the center tier was adorned with the couple’s monogram.

Kristina left their cake topper at the reception venue so we put it in place for her.

Kristina's wedding cake set up at her reception at the Bilmar Beach Resort on Treasure Island, FL.

Congrats, Kristina and Rich!