November 2022 Kit ONLY


$25 One-Time Fee

$10 shipping.  If you would like to pick up locally in the Tampa, FL area, please contact Dr. Mel before ordering.

This kit contains recipes for homemade marshmallows and hot cocoa.  Dr. Mel will teach you the science in the recipe (meringue foam science!) so you understand how and why it all comes together to make this delicious, warm treat! (Please note: Adding extra bakers is not offered for one-time kit purchases.)

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Within 10 days of your order, Dr. Mel will mail out your one-time kit.

You’ll receive 2 themed recipes and links so you can bake alongside Dr. Mel. On both the recipe cards and the videos, you’ll find scientific tidbits, which are great for conversation starters or to inspire further learning. We will teach you the how AND the why behind baking techniques.

Get out your apron, and grab a baking partner!

Follow our step-by-step instructions and videos to make fun, delicious treats. Don’t forget to show off, and share your treats with family and friends! Show us your #SugarLabByPhDserts



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