Piggy Birthday Party

We know we’ve said this before, but we love when someone comes to us with a clear vision of what they want their cake to look like.  Then again….we also like when a person gives us complete artistic freedom make the cake look “awesome.”  So I guess it can go either way!  But this time, Mikayla was turning 8 and knew exactly what she wanted.

She sent us a picture of a cake she liked:


(Note, this is not our cake.  We are not sure where this cake was made. If you know, tell us so we can properly credit the artist.)

Cute, huh?!  But it’s no fun to just copy someone else’s cake so we asked Mikayla how she wanted to personalize it.  She decided to add a teal hair bow, a pearl necklace, some teal shoes, and her name written in the mud.  So creative!

A sweet little piggy cake!

“Oinkity oink oink oink!!!” Oh, you don’t speak Piggy? How about Pig Latin? “Appy-hay irthday-bay, ikayla-may!”