Ms Debbie’s Sugar Art – Cake Decorating Parties!

I constantly hear kids of all ages saying they’re going to culinary school when they’re older. The Food Network has really paved the way for so many food-related careers! And cake decorating is so hip right now.

Debbie gets inquiries almost every day about hosting cake decorating classes in the bakery. And, while we’d absolutely love to, the bakery isn’t quite ready yet (soon though!). Instead, we’ve been taking the cake decorating parties to the people. It’s ingenious really, and I just wish I could take credit.

Here are the photos from the most recent party (I had a little fun with Photoshop for this post…sorry!). The girls were playing outside when I got there so had a few minutes to properly set up the party.

We give each party attendee a cake iced in buttercream, a chef’s hat, an apron, and some colored fondant. Then we supplement that with more goodies: a rolling pin, cookie cutters, sprinkles, colored buttercream, etc.

And the birthday girl gets a 2-tier cake iced in buttercream!

When the girls came inside, they had to take a few minutes to get all “gussied up” for the cameras. After a quick intro by yours truly, they dove right in and started decorating. I love to watch them decorate. Their personalities really come out in their decorating styles – and every cake is drastically different from the next!

At this party, there were a few extra cakes so Grandma (pictured here), Antie, and Mom joined in on the fun too! Grandma has previous decorating experience and, of course, her cake was gorgeous. Look at her piping form – she’s a pro.

The girls always start with the fondant. Then, they tackle borders! I always show them a few “professional” borders, but they seem to prefer their own styles.

And no cake is complete with out a generous sprinkling of edible sugars!

And in case you missed the link earlier in the post. Click here to get more information about Ms Debbie’s cake decorating parties!