Mikaela’s 1st Birthday Party!

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately because September and October are big months for us!  But right in the middle of September, Mel’s baby girl turned 1 so we have to share a few photos.

We went with a rainbow themed party because color makes Mel happy, and Mikaela isn’t old enough to express any opinions yet. Although, we’re pretty sure she enjoyed herself. *wink*

Here’s the cake table set-up with Mikaela’s personalized birthday banner, cookie favors, goodie bags, and of course the cake!

Mikaela's rainbow party cake table.

The cake was 2 tiers of real cake and 1 tier of “cake dummy” because Mel likes the look of the 3-tier cake, but didn’t need that many servings.

A close-up of Mikaela's birthday cake, cupcakes, and smash cake.Mikaela's tie dye cookie favors & her monthly photo board. (Check the gallery for more photos of the tie dye cookies.)

And the best part about the cake was that the inside was rainbow too!  A true labor of love!

The inside of Mikaela's cake was also rainbow!

At the party, we also served rainbow foods like sandwiches on rainbow bread, rainbow fruit skewers, rainbow goldfish, etc.

The rainbow food tables at the party!

And here are the proud parents with the birthday girl:

Proud Mommy & Daddy with the birthday girl!

Now, let the smashing of the smash cake begin!

Mikaela with her Great Grandmas just starting to get into the smash cake.  "Am I allowed to do this???"Now she's getting the hang of it!Smash cake is done; now it's time for some water.Mikaela pushing her new baby doll & stroller.

Happy 1st birthday to sweet, smiley Mikaela!