Marley & Me

This weekend, Adam & I rented the movie Marley & Me. I recently finished the book so I was excited to see how they made it into a motion picture! For the record, the book was WAY better…but doesn’t it always work out like that?

Anyway, we knew Nani would be somewhat of a bother during the movie because she always reacts to animals on TV – especially dogs and horses. For the most part, though, she was pretty well-behaved! Shorty into the movie, Adam & I realized she was sitting as close to the television as she possibly could while still being able to see the screen. She looked like a little kid who sits right in front of the TV. She sat there for the longest time and just watched Marley!

Uh oh, Nani, don’t get any ideas! Like all dogs, she loves to hang her head out the window…but once, the squirrel running down the side of the road looked like so much fun so she jumped! I caught her tail as she slipped through the window, and pulled her into the car. Phew!

Oh, boy. Nani definitely doesn’t need any encouragement for this! Maybe they should consider putting something on the label like “not suitable for young dog audiences.”

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