Lizzie Cakes Food Truck in Tampa, FL

You meet a lot of interesting people in the cake decorating world.  Some people stumble into cake decorating and stay for years and years, passionate about creating edible, decorated masterpieces.  Others find themselves following other paths – like food blogging or food photography or gourmet desserts.  One of my friends recently found herself buying and launching a food truck!  Wow!

She designed the wrap for the truck and I must say it looks amazing!  Love the pink and black zebra print swirly thing along the top and bottom.  The design is really eye-catching and stands out at a food truck rally.

LOVE the decoration on the LizzieCakes food truck!


Elizabeth personally mans the truck with her husband, Joe, and niece, Nicole.  We visited LizzieCakes at a food rally outside of D1 in Tampa, FL.  The location was great because the event was held in the parking lot so we didn’t have to wade through puddles or dirt/mud in case of rain.  And there were lots of trucks…seafood, Italian ice, sandwiches, burgers, south pacific food, etc.  So dinner AND dessert were taken care of!

My hubs picked out the banana cupcake from LizzieCakes.  He’s quite the food critic and he gave it rave reviews!


The hubs picked out the Elvis cupcake!

And I picked out the S’mores cookie!  A graham cracker cookie as big as my hand with marshmallow topping and a chocolate bar???  Um…YES, please!  S'mores cookie as big as my hand? Um...YES!

So, so, so delicious!  The only bad part is that now I get a hankerin’ for that s’mores cookie every weekend.

Hey, Liz! See ya' next time!This weekend, LizzieCakes won the People’s Championship Belt!  Rally attendees voted and chose them as #1!  Next weekend, they’ll be in Tarpon Springs.  Follow them on Twitter (@LizzieCakesllc) and Facebook ( to keep an eye on where they’ll be popping up!  Or if you’re not into the social media, give them a call at 727-236-0364.Follow LizzieCakes on Twitter (@LizzieCakesLLC) and Facebook ( to find out where they'll be next!