Lime Green & Blue Topsy Turvy Cake

As a cake decorator, anytime I participate in any community events, I like to create “dummy” cakes to put on display.  “Dummy” cakes are fake cakes.  The insides are Styrofoam, but the outside is all edible decor.  So anything you see as a “dummy” can also be done in real cake.

For the recent Taste of the Town events, I created 3 “dummy” cakes.  I’ll share each of them, in turn, with you this week.  And I’ll start with my favorite!

To appeal to the kid in us all, I made a lime green & blue topsy turvy cake.  Some people call these cakes whimsical and some call them Mad Hatter…but everyone loves them!

Lime green & blue topsy turvy cake created for a display cake at the Taste of the Town events in 2012.

The “M” topper was purchased at Michael’s craft stores (for anyone looking for something similar).  The top tier was decorated with lime green zebra print, and the second tier was covered with retro polka dots.

Close-up of the top tiers of the lime green & blue topsy turvy cake.

The third tier was decorated with a blue harlequin diamond pattern with lime green pearls, and the bottom tier had elegant draping, ribbon roses, and stripes.
Closeup of the bottom tiers of the lime green & blue topsy turvy cake.This cake really drew the crowds to our booth.  I’m guessing it was the combination of the bright, almost-neon colors and the fact the unusual cake shape!

3 thoughts on “Lime Green & Blue Topsy Turvy Cake”

  1. Fantastic! I made a topsy-turvy dummy cake but it was nowhere near as neat as this. How did you get the tiers that shape? I had to elaborate my styrofoam dummies with rice krispie treats to get the right shape.

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