Lego Pirate Cake

I posted another sneak peek on the Facebook Fan Page last week. Did you see it?! I thought the photo was a little more cryptic this time, but you guys were still able to guess! I’ll have to get a little more creative in my photography in the future…

lego pirate ship birthday cake photofrost
So, yes, it was a pirate ship cake. But not just any pirate ship! It was a Lego pirate ship made especially for Adam’s youngest cousin, who just turned 7 and is absolutely obsessed with all things Lego.

lego pirate ship birthday cake photofrost
The ship was carved out of cake and “wallpapered” with wood grain-printed edible paper fresh from my new PhotoFrost edible printing system. Now, before you all ask me, “Where did you find the amazing wood grain image???” Here’s a secret: I just googled it! Here’s the one I used, which came up with a search for “wooden planks.”

lego pirate ship birthday cake photofrost
I made a special mold using real Legos so that I could, in turn, create edible ones for the cake. And all the decorations (anchor, Lego people, sails, treasure map, etc) were made of gum paste.

lego pirate ship birthday cake photofrost
In fact, Noah specifically requested that his “squid man” be driving the pirate ship. Now, I wasn’t about to try to carve that detailed, tiny character from red gum paste so I simply made a mold of the real thing! The one you see in the picture above is made from gum paste. I am now in love with molding putty!

Noah’s party was held at the local skating rink. I used to spend all day Saturday at the skating rink when I was growing up…*sigh* those were the days. And you know what? They still use the same fluorescent carpet on the walls! When we arrived at the party with the cake, the staff put it on a counter so skaters-by wouldn’t damage it. Noah stood there staring at it for at least 15 minutes.

lego pirate ship birthday cake photofrost
Then some random little boy walked up and Noah announced, “That’s my birthday cake! My cousin made it!”

lego pirate ship birthday cake photofrost
I think he liked it. What do you think?

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  1. The cake is amazing, incredibly perfect!!
    You talk about molding putty, is it silicone? Could you let me know what brand you use?
    That must really come in handy for some things!

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