Jilly, the Zhu Zhu Pet, Cake

Some of our good friends moved to Georgia this week! Of course we wish them luck in their new home & jobs, but we’ll definitely miss them. They’re the ones that own those adorable guinea pigs that Nani befriended. So, in their honor, I’m posting a cake with a little creature on top.

Apparently, this birthday girl was a huge fan of the Zhu Zhu pets, and Jilly was her favorite. Normally, I’d say, “What the heck is a Zhu Zhu pet?” But this time, I decided to keep my mouth shut and just replicate the little bugger in sugar. So if you’re curious, you’re on your own!

First of all, here’s the cake we created:

And this is Jilly:

A furry, pink & white hamster. For this cake, we decided to make her sitting up so that she’d be squashing the gift bow on top.

Jilly and the bow were made of gum paste.

The cake was iced in 2 shades of teal buttercream and decorated with brightly colored fondant accents.

So, coming full circle, this cake reminded me of the Nani’s guinea pigs…cute little rodents. Guinea pigs are rodents, right? Anyway, good luck Matt & Nicole! You will be greatly missed in G-ville!

3 thoughts on “Jilly, the Zhu Zhu Pet, Cake”

  1. My kids are not into Zhu Zhu pets…never have been, but this has to be one of the cutest cakes I've ever seen!! LOVE the vibrant colors and Jilly is just adorable perched on top! LOL Great job!

  2. for love of my oceans

    I love the color scheme!!! I often use these colors together as well. Like Tree my kids (thankfully) aren't into zhu zhu pets either but that does not stop me from appreciating this cake's beauty, beautiful work!!

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