Is this normal???

A couple of nights ago, I was minding my own business working on some gum paste flowers to take to the ICES convention at the end of the month (yay!) while Adam was playing video games. I happened to glance at him and noticed that he was making some pretty amusing facial expressions! He would get this dejected look when he “died” or a surprised look when someone would jump out in front of him. Best of all, though, was this one….

What is that? Concentration? Constipation? Did Nani pass gas? Does he need his eyes checked?

Anyway, it really cracked me up, so now I want to know – is this normal? Do other gamers do this? Should we seek help?!

3 thoughts on “Is this normal???”

  1. Yes, Tim makes this EXACT same face, but his is due to the fact that he needs glasses and thinks wearing glasses makes your eyes worse, therefore he does not wear them.

  2. Ben and Shelby

    hahahahaha Love it!!! Ben always makes funny faces when he plays video games 🙂

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