Happy Valentine’s Day 2013!

Happy Valentines Day!  While many people (myself included) think that this holiday is over-commercialized, it is still a day set aside to remind us to love each other.  So if you do nothing else today, make an effort to love others and tell your friends and family how special they are to you.

Ok…*stepping off my soapbox*…last weekend, I was able to help sprinkle a friend with love.  She is having her 2nd baby and, while she doesn’t need a full baby SHOWER, we gathered to “sprinkle her & the new baby with love.”  The cake was a giant cupcake carved out of 4 layers of 6-inch round cakes.  It was covered with fondant and decorated with fondant rainbow sprinkles and fondant hearts.  And the flavors – white almond with Bavarian Cream filling.

The cake made for a Mommy's 2nd baby "sprinkle" - and just in time for Valentine's Day!