Black & Teal Damask Bridal Shower Cake

It’s Monday!  Let’s freshen the new work week with a gorgeous, elegant cake.  Later this month, we’ll be making Andrea’s & Anthony’s wedding cake (It is TOTALLY different from this one. We can’t wait to show you!), but Andrea’s mom & sister wanted to surprise her with a bridal shower cake as well.

So we met in secret (Have we mentioned how much Mel loves sweet secrets??  Gender reveal cakes, surprise cakes, etc!) and designed this beauty:

Front view of Andrea's bridal shower cake.  Cake covered with fondant and decorated with fondant ruffles and royal icing Damask & piping.

The cake was covered in white and black fondant, and we used a stencil from Designer Stencils to apply the Damask pattern with black royal icing.  But we also wanted to incorporate a little more of the teal accent color so we added a few teal dots here and there.

Close-up of the black & white Damask pattern with teal dots added as a pop of color.

The top tier was decorated with an hand-piped swirl pattern in black and teal royal icing.  And then we topped the cake with another Damask pattern and more teal dots.

The top of Andrea's bridal shower cake - more elegant Damask patterns!

As a finishing touch, we added a white ruffle with a teal fondant ribbon down the middle and black fondant “buttons.”

Andrea's elegant bridal shower cake with Damask, hand-piping, and fondant work.Don’t you love it?  The teal really pops against the white and black! What colors would you choose for your Damask cake?