Getting Back in the Saddle

I’m baaaaack!!! You did notice I was gone, right??? Ok, let’s just pretend you missed me. *wink*

My last post was on Wednesday, September 14th. Some of you may already know this, but I actually went into labor late Thursday night and had my baby at 5:19am on Friday, September 16th! So, it has taken me a little over a month to get used to our new schedule & lifestyle. But I’m back and ready to start blogging and caking again!!

First, I’ve got a few things to follow up on:

I recently had the pleasure of virtually (we’ve only talked through email) meeting a diaper cake designer. A diaper cake is something that looks like a 2-3 tiered cake, but is actually made of rolled up diapers! It’s so cute and makes really amazing party decorations and centerpieces (next to the real cake, of course). Anyway, Holli at Shower Cakez & Glitz made a Minnie Mouse diaper cake that would go perfectly with the Minnie Mouse cake I last posted.

So cute, right?! So if you’re throwing a party (baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, graduation party, etc), consider ordering something like this – and it doesn’t have to be made of diapers! Check out Holli’s website for more info but these things make GREAT gifts!

Going back a few more days, I posted another Sneak Peek on our Facebook Fan Page! Did you see it?! Are you a fan? I only post these Sneak Peeks to the Fan Page so you must be a fan to see them and have a chance to win the prizes.

This Sneak Peek really threw people for a loop. I got guesses like a Mighty Mouse, Stitch, a Pokemon character, Lemmings, Winnie the Pooh, etc. For this contest, I allowed entrants to guess as many times as they wanted. Each correct guess would count as an “entry” into a drawing for something sweet and hand made from me! But after 6 hours of guessing, I finally had to give a hint and I still only got TWO correct guesses!

The cookies are puppies! French Bulldogs, to be specific. Kate ordered these cookies to send to her brand new hubby overseas! She wanted the cookies to be something to remind him of home and something that made him really happy – their French Bulldog Munster! Here is the picture she sent me to base the cookies on:

So who won the goodies from me? I put Kristin’s and Jane’s names in a hat and the winner is….Jane! I will contact you through Facebook to get your mailing address. Congrats and thanks to everyone who guessed. That was the most fun Sneak Peek yet!

Ok, and the last thing I have to update you on is…my baby! One week after she was born, we had a newborn photography shoot at the beach with my good friend Elise Kersey of Elise Kersey Photography. Here’s a sneak peek that she gave us from the shoot:

I am in LOVE with that photo, and of course our little girl too! Now, since this is a cake bog, I’ll try to resist posting picture after picture of our baby…but forgive me if one slips through every now and then. *wink*

4 thoughts on “Getting Back in the Saddle”

  1. Yes, we noticed you were missing! Welcome back!

    Congrats on the amazingly adorable reason for your absence! She looks yummy, so perfectly appropriate for your blog, I think.

    The cookies are definitely cute all over. Did I really win?! My daughter helped me with guesses; I can't remember which was hers and which was mine…


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