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After Ben & Shelby’s wedding this weekend, Adam & I rushed home so I could make 80 cookies for another rehearsal dinner this Friday. The dinner is out of state so I had to ship the cookies early in the week to make sure they arrived on time.

They left the design totally up to me – as long as the cookies were black & white and had the letter “H” on them. I decided to do a double-decker cookie decorated with fondant and royal icing, and here’s how they came out:

The holiday season is almost upon us so it’s time for you to get your cookie on too! Here are a few great holiday cookie countdowns:

One of my favorite cookie newsletters is from, which includes recipes from Cooking Light, Southern Living, Coastal Living, Health, Sunset, and many other great publications. is my go-to for almost all recipes – breakfast, dinner, dessert, etc. – and I especially love it because some of the recipes offer healthier options to the classic favorites we’re used to.

Next, you’ve got Martha Stewart’s “Cookie of the Day” newsletter. It wouldn’t be a holiday with Martha, would it? By signing up for this newsletter, you actually get a new cookie recipe every day of the year – not just around the holidays. I bookmark the ones I like so I have quite a selection by the time Christmas rolls around!

The Food Network offers a “12 Days of Cookies” newsletter that’s always good. In fact, while you’re there, check out some of the other newsletters they offer like “Healthy Eats” and “Food Network Recipe of the Day.”

And, lastly, Taste of Home has a “Holiday Cookie Countdown” right on their website. I just came across this one, but it looks like it’s worth checking out! As far as I can tell, the recipes aren’t delivered to your email inbox every day. You just go to their website and see all 12 cookie at once – no waiting!

Get in a bind while you’re cooking/baking? Check out this post on Baking Bites about all the Holiday Hotlines you can call for help!

BONUS: Michael’s stores nationwide will be having a holiday cookie demo 1-3pm this Saturday, November 21st! Stop by to get some great ideas. I’ll be doing the demo at the Gainesville Michael’s so come say hi!

Stay tuned for a post about hosting your own cookie exchange, and don’t forget to enter for a chance to win the delicious-looking cake slice postcard from TangBaby!

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