Dog Treat Giveaway!

The second giveaway for this week comes from MyPooperScooper on ETSY. Owner of MyPooperScooper, Danielle, offers dog treats, biscuits, dog soaps, shampoos, handmade fleece toys and other accessories. She says…

Our primary goal is to provide dogs and puppies, and their owners, with an all natural, tasty and healthy treat at a reasonable cost, as an alternative to mass produced, store bought treats. We add only the finest and freshest, all natural ingredients. We use wholesome grains, USDA chicken, ground sirloin beef, fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other natural, healthy herbs and ingredients.

When you receive a bag of treats from us, you can be assured those treats contain lots of meat, lots of vegetables and fruits, adding delicious taste to them, unlike lot of store bought treats, made with tons of flour and broth, and harsh preservatives.

Danielle sent me a sample of her Pooper Scooper Dog Treats to try out on my puppy Nani. Just after reading the ingredients list (goat’s milk, chicken broth, cheese, ground sirloin beef, beef liver, olive oil, bacon, bacon fat, white and brown rice flour, organic oat flour, granola, white corn meal, cranberries, sea salt, black sesame seeds), I knew Nani would be hooked. But, man, I had no idea how hooked she would be!

I put the treat in the yard to see if she could find it…it really looks like poop, doesn’t it!? hehe!

“La la la…oh! What’s this?”
“No, seriously, what is this???”

…And then she snatched it and ran into the bushes. I guess she was afraid I’d take it away from her (as I so often do when she finds dead animals or random scraps of food on the ground).

She wouldn’t come out until there was no evidence left…

I finally lured her out with another treat, and this time she ate it right in front of me so I could get some great pictures!

After she finished the second one, she stood with her nose to the ground for what seemed like forever, checking for any remaining crumbs. Then she bounced around (literally) for the next 30 minutes looking for another one! She loves these things!

For a chance to win, visit MyPooperScooper. Then, come back here and leave a comment about your favorite item.

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Leave one comment per entry please. The giveaway will end November 27th at midnight eastern time.

And don’t forget to enter to win the other giveaway this week: A Cupcake Scrabble Pendant!

66 thoughts on “Dog Treat Giveaway!”

  1. Saw these: Peanut Butter Chicken Apple Dog Treat and immediately knew what Miss Sophie would choose!

  2. The Spears Family

    Ok- two favorites, both of which I think my dog would love… Big Pooper Scooper Dog Treats – Sirloin Beef and Cheese Loaded AND the Irresistable Apple Chicken Treats. Thanks for the chance to win this- I think it's hilarious and would love to see people's reaction when I give them to my dog! haha

  3. I like the All Natural Beef Liver Bites Dog Snack – Limited Bundle – Includes Sweater,Shampoo Bar,Fleece Braid Toy – sweater is supercute.

  4. My favorite item is the Bacon Rolls Dog Treats – Irresistible Bacon and Cheesy Bread

  5. my daughters, kalib My Bella would like the Bully Chew Fleece Braid Rope Dog Toy


  6. Since we currently have four dogs, would like to try the Bacon Rolls Dog Treats – Irresistible Bacon and Cheesy Bread

  7. I think my dog would love the Rollies Pigs In a Blanket Dog Treats – The Hottest Treats – Perfect Bite Soft and Chewy.

  8. I like the Pooper Scooper treta sand the Morning Boners LOL. My little mutts, I mean fur babbies would be thankful. 🙂

    Thank you

    saddleoneup at att dot net

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