Cupcake Cookies – Birthday Party Favors

Besides wedding favors, cookies are often ordered as birthday party favors.  We usually decorate the cookies in the same colors/styles as the birthday cake so everyone at the party feels like they are really part of the fun and festivities!

We made this cake for Kylie’s 13th Birthday party:

The party colors were blue, hot pink, and lime green!  This cake is a perfect example of a typical 13-year-old’s cake because zebra print, polka dots, and ribbon roses are SO popular!

The birthday girl got a large cookie that resembled a whimiscal, topsy turvy cake.

And all the party guests got cupcake-shaped cookies decorated with the party’s colors!

7 thoughts on “Cupcake Cookies – Birthday Party Favors”

  1. Posh Girl Couture

    I absolutely LOVE your pastry designs! Where are you located? Do you ship your themed cookies to Houston?

  2. lol i love this cake!But i just wanted to know if everything on this cake is edible?its a great cake!

  3. Yes, everything is edible except the wires that are holding up the "Happy Birthday" dots! 🙂

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