Contests: 1 To Enter, 1 To Help Me Win!

I’ve got a couple of contests to tell you about today!

First of all, if you’ve ever dabbled in cake decorating, enter your beach-themed cake into an online contest on Cakes We Bake by August 23, 2011. The rules of the contest can be found here. I just entered a cake Debbie and I did for a friend’s wedding in early May:

sand castle wedding cake
After all the entries have been received, you’ll have a chance to go back and “favorite” the ones you want to win! Good luck!

Secondly, I’ve entered a contest that I would LOVE to win! The contest is hosted by Elise Kersey Photography, and I had to submit my idea for a “dream photo shoot.” Of course, mine involved our future baby, Mikaela, and baking!

Here’s my idea:

“I just opened a custom cake shop, and I’m my happiest when I’m in the kitchen elbow-deep in cake batter or powdered sugar. The only thing that can top my fun time in the kitchen is spending time with my husband and our baby girl, Mikaela. I would love to capture some photos of me and Mikaela working on some sweets together in our home kitchen. I’m thinking they can be shot with a sort of vintage, home-style feel. Picture some old 1950s photos of women working in the kitchen…but we’ll modernize it by adding some subtle color, softening the focus, and – of course – using my KitchenAid mixer! We’d have powdered sugar on our cheeks and noses, bare feet, matching aprons, and you can hear our giggles coming through the photo.”

To help me win, just “like” my idea on the contest page on Facebook. Share it with your friends! The idea with the most “likes” gets extra entries in the random raffle drawing to choose the winner.