Contest #2

This week’s contest will be a blog scavenger hunt of sorts. Leave a comment with your answers to the questions. The comments will be hidden until the contest ends on Friday, July 17th at 5pm. Everyone who gets all 3 answers will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE bag of M&Ms! Yay! Who doesn’t love M&Ms?!

1. What band was featured on my birthday cake this year? Hint: My birthday is in March.
2. What was the title of my very first post on this blog?
3. What kind of dog do we think Nani is? Hint: Look in June 2009.

Good luck!!

3 thoughts on “Contest #2”

  1. 1. Barbie and the Rockers (I hope that's right, because I didn't look it up)
    2. "Welcome!"
    3. Damchi

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