Cakes of a Different Kind – Diaper Cakes!

I love diaper cakes for so many reasons:
1. You don’t have to dirty up any dishes to make them.
2. You don’t have to fire up the oven.
3. The recipient gets lots of awesome stuff!
4. They’re adorable!

So what is a diaper cake? It’s basically just a stack of clean, unused (that’s an important detail) diapers tied with ribbon and accented with various baby supplies. I like to use size 1 and 2 diapers because I tend to give them at baby showers.

Starting at a short end of the diaper, roll it up and secure it with a rubber band around the middle. When you have quite a few rolled up diapers, stand them on end and assemble them in a circle. Tie a ribbon around the whole thing. This is your bottom tier!

Do the same thing again, but making progressively smaller circles to make the upper tiers. Now you have a basic diaper cake! So easy!

Here is one I made for my friend Amy’s second kiddo:

To add some color, I rolled up a blanket and some onesies to replace some of the diapers. I stuck spoons in random places to make the cake look festive and fun. I also hid teething rings and other baby essentials (like Butt Paste) in and around the cake, and I topped the whole thing with an incredibly cute stuffed Elephant I found at Target.

And here’s one Nicole & I made for our mutual friend Lourdes*:

We topped this diaper cake with the same adorable stuffed Elephant, and he was wearing a teensy baby hat Nicole knitted (she’s awesome).

We added some bottles, rattles, a bottle brush, onesies, and some nursing pads too. See that big box? It’s a jumbo box of baby wipes! You can never have enough of those, right??? This is Lourdes’ first baby so we knew she needed a lot of the essentials.

Diaper cakes make me smile. Do they do the same to you???

*Lourdes had a healthy baby boy, named Andres Stefan, last Sunday morning! Congrats!

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  1. These cakes are so adorable, Mel. I received a diaper cake at my baby shower for YOU. It was a simple, 1-layer cake, but I used those diapers all the time. What a great gift!

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