Affiliated Engineers, Inc. Cake for Office Party

Last Thursday, we had our office party debut!  Affiliated Engineers, Inc. has recently moved their office from North Tampa to Harbor Island and wanted to celebrate with an open house party.  And no party is complete without a cake so they called us!

I won’t lie.  It was hard to come up with a creative and fun cake design for an engineering firm.  Engineering is full of straight lines, calculations, and precision.  And, in the past, our cakes tend to be a little whimsical, fun, and colorful.

But, after a full day of brainstorming, here’s what we came up with:

A cake created for an engineering firm's office party.

On the bottom tier, I attached copies of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical plans the company created for buildings and projects in the Tampa area.

Bottom tier of a cake for an engineering firm, showing electrical, plumbing, and mechanical building plans.

On the middle tier, I attached pictures of the completed projects in Tampa.  Both the bottom and middle tiers utilized my PhotoFrost printing system where I can print on edible paper with food color.  Love it!

Middle tier of a cake for an engineering firm showing photos of completed projects.And the top tier displayed an edible version of the downtown Tampa skyline with a custom-made topper celebrating the Tampa branch of Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Top tier of a cake for an engineering firm showing the Tampa skyline and a custom cake topper.

The three banners on the cake read “Complex Projects,” “Innovative Solutions,” and “Diverse Clientele.”  These phrases were taken directly from AEI’s mission statement and really helped to tie the whole cake together.


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