A Twist on a New Classic

I received another request for a giant stethoscope cake, like the one I did in early May. This time, she wanted the cake to be a bit more colorful (specifically, orange and blue) and have a doctor gator (Dr. Albert from UF) on it. Since I have already done this cake, I’ve already done all the trouble-shooting and I was able to crank it out in about 6 hours – start to finish!

Dr. Albert was made using the Frozen Buttercream Transfer Method. Stay tuned for a future tutorial on this cool & versatile skill!

4 thoughts on “A Twist on a New Classic”

  1. Your stethoscope cakes are really fun. I especially like Dr. Albert and the personalized prescription pads.

  2. Yes, I used a stencil. Whenever I need to do a drawing like this on a cake, I Google whatever I need. Sometimes it takes some patience, but I can always find something I can use!

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