A Rainbow-Themed Baby Shower!

Last weekend, my Mom and sister, Robin, threw me an amazing rainbow-themed baby shower! The food was great (Pizza Gallery & Grill in Viera, FL), the games were fun, and the company was irreplaceable!

I have never been able to choose a favorite color because I love all colors! Colors are meant to compliment each other so why would you want to choose only one??? So when my sister picked the rainbow theme for the shower, I couldn’t have been happier. One of my favorite parts of the decor was this rainbow jelly bean bar.

rainbow baby shower jelly belly bar
My crazy sister actually carried all these jelly beans on her flight with her from TX. HEAV-Y! But, oh so yummy.

My cousin Heather volunteered to make the shower cake, which turned out adorable and was also quite yummy! She even used the new Wilton edible paper decorations! And, since everyone was bringing me gifts, I felt like I should provide the party favors. Here’s a shot of our colorful cake/favor table at the shower:

rainbow baby shower favors and cake
The favors included:
-Cupcakes topped with mini doughnuts (I bought this new Wilton pan at the annual Tent Sale.)

-Rainbow macarons (Not to be confused with macaroons, of which I have recently been guilty. Tutorial coming soon!)

rainbow baby shower rainbow macarons
-Baby candy sticks using this Wilton mold but I mounted them on Tutti Fruity candy sticks from Cracker Barrel instead of pretzels

rainbow baby shower baby candy tutti fruity sticks
-And lots and lots of decorated sugar cookies that looked like cupcakes, ice cream cones, lollipops, and dot strips

rainbow baby shower cookie favors ice cream dot strips cupcakes lollipops
The table decorations were so cute, and I loved the Whirly Pops in the sequined Jelly Belly jars!

rainbow baby shower jelly beans jelly belly whirly poprainbow baby shower jelly beans jelly belly
I have to tell you about the games we played because they were actually fun!

Birthday Cards for the Baby:
-While we were waiting for all the guests to arrive, we all made baby Mikaela birthday cards! Everyone was allowed to choose whichever year they wanted. The idea is that they were supposed to share a fond memory of themselves and/or me at that age. Or, they could give Mikaela some advice for that age. At first, it was hard to figure out what to write, but I’m so glad we did this! Mikaela now has birthday cards from her baby shower from age 1 to age 24! And they’re all sealed so it will be fun to read them together as the years go by.

Gift Bingo:
-Robin pre-made bingo cards with things from our registry: diapers, swing, bouncer, Boppy, onesie, mittens, etc. While I opened gifts, the guests all played Bingo! I really liked this game because it kept people from focusing all the attention on me. I’m not a big fan of opening gifts in front of a crowd so this was a nice distraction. And, BONUS, one of the guests gets to win a prize!

Guess the Girth:
-And, of course, we played the Guess the Girth game. A ball of yarn was passed around and everyone cut off a segment they thought would fit perfectly around my baby bump. This game is always a fun one!

Amazingly, those are the best baby bump photos we got during the shower. Whoops! But here are my other 2 favorite photos from the day:

Grammy (my Mom), me & Mikaela, and Mimi (Adam’s Mom)

And a photo with my beautiful sister, Robin.

*All photos without my watermark were taken by Julie from The Little Kitchen. Thanks, Julie! You’re awesome!

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    What a fun shower with delicious food and favors! The cookies look amazing!

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