A Golden Ticket Opportunity from Sucre!

Oh, I’m so excited! I’m giddy! I just found out about this Golden Ticket opportunity from Sucre. Remember the New Orleans bakery who sent me the amazing King Cake before Mardi Gras?

For Easter, they’re selling extra large hollow milk chocolate eggs with a surprise inside! The eggs all have a special coupon…but ONLY ONE will have the GOLDEN TICKET!

What’s the Golden Ticket for?

One lucky winner will get the chance to experience a fun filled day at the premiere confectioner of New Orleans and discover what it’s like to be an actual pastry chef!

*Gasp* That’s AWESOME!

Every year for Christmas, I get Adam scratch-off tickets for his stocking. I just keep thinking that either it could be simply a fun gift (everyone loves scratch-offs, right?) or it could be the best stocking stuffer ever if he wins lots of money! This year, I included all the family members who were in town for the holidays. Grandpa won $40, and Adam won $50! Nice!

So I just ordered Adam an egg from Sucre. If he had such a lucky Christmas, maybe he’ll win the Golden Ticket at Easter! And…maybe he’ll be the sweet husband I know he is and give that Golden Ticket to me…

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