3-D Gator Cake

Since we live in Gainesville (aka Gator Country, The Swamp, Title Town), I knew it wouldn’t be long before we got an order for a 3-D carved gator cake. And, lucky enough, it came last week!

It was carved out of red velvet cake (my favorite) with white chocolate cream cheese filling, and the legs were made out of Rice Krispies treats.

Predictably, the gator was wearing a Tim Tebow jersey (this was a pre-NFL draft cake). The fondant was pinched, pulled, crimped, and scored to add texture, and I airbrushed it in shades of green to add highlights and depth.

3-D carved cakes are my favorite kind to do. I go through a series of emotions for each one. Initially, I’m stumped…”How are we going to do that???” Then, I’m intimidated…”What if I carve off too much???” Then I just dive in and start, little by little, carving away cake. Then comes the buttercream and fondant. At this point, I’m still pretty intimidated and scared. For example, this cake looked like a giant lizard rather than a gator! But you have to just keep plugging away. I keep telling myself….”It’ll look good…just keep working (and crossing your fingers).” I step back often and examine the cake from all angles. And I get a LOT of guidance from Debbie! In the end, everything seems to work itself out…and I start breathing again.

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  1. he turned out great! I have to laugh tho; I had a similar experience with a dragon cake last year… when he was half done, he looked like a giant headless rat! Had to take pictures because I knew nobody would believe me.

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