Whimsical 50th Birthday Cake

All too often, adults don’t celebrate their birthdays with cake.  This is a big problem (at least if you ask us)!  But when we adults do celebrate, we celebrate in a big way! 30th, 40th, and 50th birthdays are huge!

We recently sat down with Brenda to design her own 50th birthday cake.  She hadn’t had a birthday party in…well, a loooooooong time…so she fully sketched out her cake before we even met to design it!

She wanted fun, funky, colorful, and sparkly!  And here’s what she got:

Brenda's 50th birthday cake

The cake was topped with an edible hot pink tiara. Brenda's edible tiara cake topper

We accented the front of the cake with a large hot pink bow with a colorful brooch center.

Brenda's edible bow with a brooch center

The cake was carved a little to give it a whimsical, fun feel.  The top tier was decorated with a confetti-looking design and fun words like “Party Time,” “YOLO,” and “Celebrate.”  The middle tier was quilted and accented with isomalt jewels.  And the bottom tier was covered with purple fondant with multi-colored stars.


Brenda's 50th birthday cake!Happy birthday, Brenda!  What do you say we go big again next year for 51???