Square-Hexagon Wedding Cake – Orange and Pink Wedding

The wedding cake that accompanied the Jumping Fish groom’s cake was a 4-tier cake with alternating hexagon and square layers. The whole thing was covered in fondant. The hexagon tiers were decorated with the quilting pattern with pearls at each intersection, and the square cakes were decorated with random pearls.

Random is hard for me. Really hard. I think I did ok this time, but I was mentally taxed afterward from so much “random” concentration!

The bottom of each tier was lined with a fondant ribbon to match a fabric swatch the bride had given us, and the rose petals & monogram topper were added to the cake at the reception site.

But the cake paled in comparison to the entire room! The colors popped and it really felt like a party could break out at any minute!

The orange and hot pink color combination was gorgeous!

After we set up the cakes, I didn’t want to leave! Especially after I saw the candy bar at the back of the room! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of it because I was being dragged out of the room to deliver the next cake. Bummer.