Police Academy Graduation Cake

‘Tis the season for graduations so we expected to do a few high school and/or college graduation cakes, but this request threw us for a loop!  Callie’s boyfriend Andres was graduating from the Police Academy and she was throwing a surprise party for him!  How fun!

But what should a Police Academy graduation cake look like?  Callie wanted the cake to look like a gun case with lots of sugar accessories – a gun, a magazine, his new police shield, handcuffs, and bullets.

A surprise cake for a Police Academy graduate!

Now, I’ve said before that I’m no fashionista…but I also know nothing about guns or ammunition!  So this was totally unfamiliar ground for me.  Again, Google image searches saved the day!  Callie was thrilled with the cake and the party was a success!

The graduation cake was decorated to look like a gun case with sugar accessories like a gun, magazine, police shield, handcuffs, and bullets.Congratulations, Andre!