Pink & Orange Wedding Cake with Brooch & Bow

The third cake we brought to the Taste of the Town events was a tall, elegant wedding cake.  This cake had a little bit of everything:

Elegant wedding cake with pink & orange flowers and an oversized bow.

It had pink & orange flowers (hydrangeas, roses, and peonies), a verticle ruffle, pearl borders, dots, …

Close-up of the top tier with an elegant ruffle and single dot design.

… an oversized bow with a brooch center, and fondant draping.

Close-up of the oversized, edible bow with a brooch center

The cake was very feminine and would be appropriate at many different weddings.  Many people were drawn to our booth to get a closer look at the cake.  One man even proclaimed, “I want THIS cake for my wedding!”  When we told him we could customize different parts to suit his liking, he replied, “No, I want THIS cake!”

So why were people so in love with this cake?  We think it’s because of the clean lines, uncluttered look, elegance, and the splash of color.  In fact, pink & orange are among the trendiest colors for weddings these days.  And they certainly look good together!