Luau Party Cake

Last weekend, we had the honor of making a luau-themed cake for an office family picnic.  The office hosting the get-together happened to be Mel’s husband’s office…but that’s just a minor detail. *wink*

In any event, the cake was fun to make!  They gave us free reign to decorate it however we pleased. And we gave them this tantalizing sneak peek on Facebook.

Luau-themed party cake covered and decorated with fondant.  All decorations you see - masks, surf boards, flowers, and grass skirt - are edible!We incorporated a grass skirt, surf boards, tribal masks, hibiscus flowers, and bright colors!  In fact, everything you see in the photo above is edible!  Here’s a close-up of the hibiscus flower topper:

The edible hibiscus flower topper on the luau cake.And a close-up of the tribal masks and grass skirt.

Close-up of a few of the sugar decorations on the luau cake.As party attendees, we HAD to enter our daughter Mikaela in the Hawaiian costume contest!  Here are Mikaela and her Daddy before the competition:

Mel's husband and baby girl in their Hawaiian outfits!And, yes, she was one of 4 costume contest winners!  Look at her though…how could she not win?!  Such a cutie! (Ok, we’re biased…but we still think she’s the cutest baby in a grass skirt!)

Mel's daughter in her gras skirt loving all the attention she got at the party!