Jessica’s and Andy’s Wedding!

This weekend, I was honored to make a wedding cake for Andy & Jessica! They chose a 3-tier design where two tiers were white cake and one tier was red velvet (my favorite!). I wrapped a deep purple ribbon around the base of each tier and then used ivory buttercream to pipe a design that resembled the embroidery on the bride’s gown.

My wedding tiers are always 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling so each tier ends up being 5 inches tall. That leaves a lot of room for piping! I piped the design with a tip 2 and tip 1 dots. Those of you in the know feel my pain, don’t you? My hand was KILLING ME after I finished! Not to mention that I was still working on it at 2am Saturday morning – yikes! But it was well worth it when I saw the finished product and how happy everyone was with it!

Anyway, here’s what the cake looked like when I left it at the reception:

And here’s a close-up of the top tier, which the bride and groom took home to save for their 1 year anniversary. They provided the cake topper, and I thought it looked fabulous on the cake! This shot also has a good view of the gum paste flowers I made for the cake – ivory gerbera daisies, lavender hydrangeas, lavender roses, and green cymbidium orchids. Remember the sneak peak I posted earlier? Same flowers, just lots more of them!

By the way, isn’t the lighting in this photo absolutely ethereal? Totally on accident! I wish I were a photographer so I could say I did that on purpose! Oh well, I’m definitely not the master of all trades.

Here is a close-up of the bottom two tiers – you can see the piping really well here:

And let’s not forget the groom’s cake! Andy is a huge Harley Davidson fan so I airbrushed his cake (chocolate with strawberry filling – yummy!) black. Then I made a frozen buttercream transfer Harley logo and put that on top. The flames are gum paste that I airbrushed with yellow, orange, and red. The bride and groom are made of modeling chocolate and are sitting on a plastic toy motorcycle. Shhhh! Don’t tell, but it’s a Hotwheels motorcycle…I couldn’t find a Harley anywhere in town!

Here’s the cute couple enjoying their first dance. I had a great time at the wedding – and it couldn’t be because I was surrounded by Seminole fans! (Ok, maybe that helped.) In fact, Jessica & Andy entered the reception doing the Seminole Chop! Go Noles!

Finally, the bride and groom cut the cake! People often ask me if it’s painful to watch people ruin my piece of artwork. While I do consider cake decorating art, it is NOT painful to watch someone destroy it. For Pete’s sake, I’ve been looking at that thing for hours – please get rid of it! Besides, what good is cake if you can’t eat it!?