Gabby’s Mermaid Birthday Party

Living in the Sunshine State, it’s hard to avoid beach-themed cakes and parties. But we’re not complaining!  We love the beach! For Gabby’s 7th birthday, she chose a mermaid-themed party and wanted a sand castle birthday cake.

Gabby's sand castle birthday cake iced in buttercream with brown sugar sand, edible sea shells, and edible drift wood.

We iced the cake in buttercream and covered it with edible “sand.”  Then, the cake was adorned with edible driftwood bearing Gabby’s name and edible sea shells.

Close-up of the edible drift wood on Gabby's sand castle birthday cake.

Then we made her some coordinating mermaid cookies to give as party favors. Happy birthday, Gabby!  Hope your party was a real splash!

Gabby's mermaid cookie favors!