Corn Maze & Fall Festival

(Photo by Elise Kersey)

Last weekend, Adam, Nani, and I went to the Coon Hollo Corn Maze in Micanopy, FL with James, Elise, and Lorelei. We had a great time! Well, at least the girls did…I think the guys just participated out of “family duty.” But, it was great to relax and have some good old-fashioned fun.

And when I say old-fashioned, I mean old-fashioned. They had tractor rides, huge basins of corn to roll around in, kiddie car rides, haystacks to play on, and a huge corn maze!

None of us had ever been in a corn maze so we started there.

Here we go!

Uh oh, our first fork in the road! Nani was a little unsure of which direction to take so she waited for Lorelei. Don’t worry, Lorelei hustled to the rescue and led us all the way through the maze!

We finally found the exit! Way to go, girls!
Nani made lots of friends that day, including an energetic dog and a girl who was super cute, but very intensely interested in Nani. Thank goodness Nani is good with kids because this little sweetie was on her like white on rice!

Nani experienced her very first pumpkin patch, but I’m not sure she fully realized what a milestone it was. Wow, we really need to have a child…Nani is just a dog! Anyway, she’s a cutie and she’s all we’ve got right now.

(Photo by Elise Kersey)

Then we took the girls on a hay ride. They both loved it, and Lorelei even got to enjoy a special snack, which she promptly stuffed in her mouth in its entirety. Cuteness!

The hayride took a pit stop to feed some cows. Yeah, cows! They walked right over to the trailer…

gave us these funny “feed me” looks…
and stuck their long noses right through the wooden slats on the trailer!
Whoa! You’re a little close, Bessy*!
Lorelei wasn’t intimidated though! She stepped right up to feed the beasts. Look, her whole hand is inside Claribell’s* mouth!
After we all thoroughly cleaned our hands, we said goodbye to farm life and headed home. But Elise took this great photo of us before we left! Don’t you just love my shirt? Adam hates it…so I love it even more! [insert evil laugh]

*I made up the names of the cows. I really have no clue what their names are, or even if they have names. For all I know, they might be known as #17 and #31.