Q: What should we expect each month? 

A: In the box, you will find exclusive recipes and links to step-by-step video tutorials with Dr. Mel. The videos may be paused and watched many times, if necessary. Dr. Mel makes the videos fun and interesting for all ages!

Dr. Mel will also send tools and gadgets that will be helpful in completing the projects. And, because our goal is to make you smile through sugar art, we will also include a few themed surprises that we know you’ll love!

Q: Will you teach us any cake decorating techniques?

A: Yes! We will vary the box projects. Projects will range from perfecting the classic chocolate chip cookie to hand-molded fondant finishing touches on cupcakes. 

Q: What do you mean “scientific tidbits”?

A: Again, each month will be a little different than the last. One month, Dr. Mel might explain why we chose a particular flour type for a project. Or she might explain why some recipes use melted butter versus softened butter. It’s all about the science behind how the ingredients and components interact!

On the other hand, there might be times where Dr. Mel feels like telling you the history of ice cream and how different versions are made. We guarantee, all the information will be fun and interesting!

Q: How many people can be in the club?

A: Spots are limited! If you are interested in joining or even just staying informed, be sure to sign up for the Wait List using the form below.

Q: Do you send premeasured ingredients?

A: No, we aren’t here to do all the work. We want you to learn how to choose ingredients, handle them, measure them, etc. Studies show that reading a recipe and measuring ingredients teaches valuable life skills like communication, reading & math skills, time management, and self confidence.

Q: We have food allergies in our home. Can we still enjoy the Club?

A: Yes! While the recipes will use standard ingredients, you can always contact Dr. Mel for advice on substitutions! Sometimes, I will even note the tried and true substitutions on the recipe card.

Q: What is your Cancellation & Refund Policy?

A: Please view our full policy at https://www.phdserts.com/refund_returns/.