Lime Green & Blue Topsy Turvy Cake

As a cake decorator, anytime I participate in any community events, I like to create “dummy” cakes to put on display.  “Dummy” cakes are fake cakes.  The insides are Styrofoam, but the outside is all edible decor.  So anything you see as a “dummy” can also be done in real cake.

For the recent Taste of the Town events, I created 3 “dummy” cakes.  I’ll share each of them, in turn, with you this week.  And I’ll start with my favorite!

To appeal to the kid in us all, I made a lime green & blue topsy turvy cake.  Some people call these cakes whimsical and some call them Mad Hatter…but everyone loves them!

Lime green & blue topsy turvy cake created for a display cake at the Taste of the Town events in 2012.

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