Ph.D.-serts | Holiday Cookie Decorating Kits | Tampa Wedding Bakery

As this post goes live, there are only 65 shopping days left until Christmas!  WHAT?! That freaks me out a little! Those of you who have already started shopping – you are my heroes. I don’t know how you can be that organized. Seriously. I’m one of those people who is running to the post office on the last day to ship by Christmas and frantically wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve.

But this year can be different! Probably not for me. But maybe for you!  A couple of years ago, I developed a cookie decorating kit that is fully stocked with everything you need to make your holiday cookies beautiful.  It’s perfect for family gifts, and I love it because it buys me a few minutes of peace on a busy day.

The cookie kit! (shapes, colors, and sprinkles may vary) Continue reading

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