Princess Birthday Cake

Last weekend, I made my first cake in Tampa! It was only supposed to feed 25 people, but I hadn’t touched a cake in weeks so I went a little overboard. I made it 2-tier, and it probably should have fed about 60 people. But, from what I’m told, there wasn’t much cake leftover after the party so I guess they didn’t mind!

The cake was for my mother-in-law’s boss, Debi, who owns a clothing boutique called the Princess Boutique. They told me they wanted the cake decorated in shades of pink, topped with the Princess tiara, and to somehow incorporate high-heeled shoes.

princess cake silhouette stiletto tiara pink
So there you have it! I decided that using black silhouettes of the stilettos would look the most chic and help to contrast the “little girl” feel that the pinks & tiara were portraying. And I used the new Fabric Fondant & Gum Paste Mold from Wilton that I picked up a couple of weeks ago at the Wilton Food Blogger Workshop (stay tuned to see more of what I’m making with my loot).

But Debi wasn’t the only one celebrating a princess’ birthday last week! Our puppy Nani turned 4! In dog years, we’re the same age now!

dog birthday cookie
Taylor and my mother-in-law brought Nani some goodies, including this adorable ice cream cone cookie for puppies!

dog birthday cookie
Nani was eager to please. Sit! Shake! Lay down!

dog birthday cookie
Then she carried the cookie around the house for a bit…

dog birthday cookie
…and finally settled down and smiled (or snarled?) for the camera.

Happy birthday, Debi & Nani!

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