Milk Mustache 1st Birthday Party

Having a baby is great.  Aside from all the snuggles, kisses, giggles, and high-fives I get to enjoy each day, there are other great bonuses too.  Like getting to go to 1st birthday parties!  Between now and September, I figure Mikaela will go to about 10 first birthday parties!

Perhaps she’s popular!  Or perhaps her Mommy just makes the cakes…but who cares?!  First birthday parties are great!  And they’re all so different – so if you’re planning one, keep an eye on this blog for some great ideas.

I love the theme of Declan’s party – Milk Mustache!  How cute!?

We made cupcakes with little black mustaches and Declan’s smash cake was a cow!

Milk mustache-themed 1st birthday party with a cow smash cake and mustache cupcakes. Continue reading

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