Whimsical 50th Birthday Cake

All too often, adults don’t celebrate their birthdays with cake.  This is a big problem (at least if you ask us)!  But when we adults do celebrate, we celebrate in a big way! 30th, 40th, and 50th birthdays are huge!

We recently sat down with Brenda to design her own 50th birthday cake.  She hadn’t had a birthday party in…well, a loooooooong time…so she fully sketched out her cake before we even met to design it!

She wanted fun, funky, colorful, and sparkly!  And here’s what she got:

Brenda's 50th birthday cake

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Quick and Beautiful Christmas Cakes

Ok, folks. Christmas is quickly approaching. If you’ve thought about bringing a festive cake to your family celebration, you better get baking soon!

But you don’t have to spend hours and hours on a cake for it to look gorgeous, elegant, and Christmas-y!

Make a cake that looks like a gift!

Here’s one I did for my friend Nikki’s office holiday party:

buttercream gift cake blue bow
It’s a simple buttercream-iced cake with a fondant bow. You could slap that together in a couple of hours, right?!

Here’s a close-up of the bow and the gift tag:

buttercream gift cake blue bow
Next up, here’s a display cake I made for the showroom. It’s covered with fondant and airbrushed gold. Again, the bow is made out of fondant.

gold fondant gift cake ivory bowgold fondant gift cake ivory bow
Here’s a similar concept, where the cake was covered in white fondant and topped with a big loopy gift bow. Here, you have to have a little more time because each of those loops has to completely dry before you can assemble the bow.

buttercream gift cake red bow
And, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious or you’re trying to feed a small army, here’s some inspiration for you:

blue white gift cake bow
That’s 4 cakes covered in white fondant and decorated with blue fondant box tops, ribbons, and bows.

blue white gift cake bowblue white gift cake bow
Will you be making a cake for your get-together this week?

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White Buttercream Wedding Cake, Black Bow, and a SURPRISE!

Here’s a very clean, elegant, gorgeous wedding cake. It was 3 hexagon tiers iced in buttercream, with each tier wrapped with a black satin ribbon.

black bow buttercream wedding cake gecko
The bride provided the shiny, ornate monograms and the broach to go in the center of the large gum paste bow I made. I love how the bow is offset on the top of the cake, and the tails just drape down over the other tiers!

black bow buttercream wedding cake gecko
But, wait! What’s this peeking from around the back of the cake???

black bow buttercream wedding cake gecko
Oh my! It’s a gecko!

Yup, they wanted a sugar gecko climbing up the back of the cake! The bride has a pet gecko, and apparently it represents the couple’s quirkiness. Just like no two couples are the same, neither are their cakes!

Or their geckos, for that matter. This is actually the second gecko I made. I based the creation of the first one off a quick Google search for “gecko.” The bride & groom were in the bakery the week of the wedding so we excitedly showed them the gecko. It didn’t pass inspection. You see, she doesn’t have an ordinary gecko. She has one with a stumpy little tail like you see in the photo. The tail actually mimics the head so if the gecko is attacked by a predator, it can fool him and escape!

You learn something new every day, right?

black bow buttercream wedding cake gecko

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Handmade Christmas Cards

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I felt ambitious enough to make my own Christmas cards. I guess when you have the energy, you’ve got to put it to work before it fizzles out!

The cards I made were pretty simple and relatively cheap. I didn’t price everything out, but I’d guess I spent no more on these cards than I would on store-bought ones.

To make these, I bought 2 sheets of scrapbook paper (at $0.69 each) that had ornaments all over it. I cut out the ornaments and glued them on to the page with a little brown ribbon and a colored bow. So easy! You can’t tell from the photo, but the ornaments are sparkly so they’re classy and festive too!

For the top two pictured here, I cut a strip of scrapbook paper that had the red and white stripes on it and glued it to the card stock. Then, I glued a ribbon across the seam. The tiny Christmas trees are actually metal brads and the snowflakes are just plastic (got them both at Michael’s Craft Stores).

The bottom card was also made with scrapbook paper! I found a page that had rows and rows of presents and another one that had “Ho” written all over it! First, I glued down a strip of the presents. Then, I cut out one “Ho” and framed it in a piece of blue card stock. I glued that in place with a little white bow accent. It’s “Ho” cubed…get it? Ho ho ho? You do get it, right??? Maybe I missed the mark on that one…

And these are my favorite because they’re so colorful. The center rectangle is scrapbook paper I already had. I’ve actually had it for years so I’m happy to be finally using it! To make these, I framed the patterned scrapbook paper in a piece of colored card stock and glued it to the card. Then, I glued down 2 strips of ribbon (one with a knot tied in it, offset) and stuck two foam candy cane stickers on top! Again, super easy!

I am not gifted when it comes to paper crafts. So if I can make cards that look somewhat decent (at least, I think so…), you can too. Of course, if you don’t feel up to it…check out your other options. Some people are actually PAID to make this stuff!!! Like my good friend Nicole in her Etsy shop.

Happy crafting!

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Blue, Pink, and Green Cake with Polka Dots and Daisies

A couple of weeks ago, a bride and groom came into the bakery to order a cake for their engagement party. They saw a photo of a cake Debbie created previously and loved it so we replicated it for them.

When they saw the cake, both the bride and the groom were excited about it! The bride then wandered around the bakery pointing out the other display cakes she liked, but the groom kept saying, “Our cake is my favorite one!”

Yay! Customer satisfaction is what it’s all about, right?

The cake was covered with white fondant and accented with fondant daisies and polka dots with a gum paste bow topper.

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Red & Black Zebra Cake

We made this birthday cake for a young girl celebrating her 31st birthday. She’d spent her 30th birthday taking care of sick family members so she really wanted to go big this year!

She came in, sat down with Debbie, and picked out her own cake. She really liked the Pink & Black Zebra Cake we’d made for a 1st birthday party, and she wanted it to look elegant, mature, and glamorous.

Her party colors were red and black so we changed all the pink to red:

We topped the cake with red ribbon roses and pulled the zebra print pattern all the way over the top of the cake, rather than stopping at the top edge.

And we gave her a giant red bow on the second tier.

Isn’t it funny how just a couple of simple changes can take a fun 1st birthday cake and make it into a mature, elegant 31st birthday cake?!

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Light Pink Christening Cake

This cake is all about the subtlety. It was made for a baby’s Christening and was iced in very light pink buttercream.

I decorated it using white fondant pressed into a lace mold, some buttercream dots & crosses, a hand-made name plaque, and a hand-made gum paste bow topper.

It’s subtly feminine and baby-ish while still giving impressions of maturity, elegance, and the importance of the event it celebrates.

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