Susan G Komen 3-Day – Tampa 2013

Today marks the last first day of the Tampa Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure.  That’s right, the last first day.  The 3-Day is leaving Tampa after this year’s event.

Cake made for a Susan G Komen fundraiser

Mel walked in her first 3-Day when her older daughter was only 6 weeks old, and then she walked again the following year when she was a few weeks pregnant.  This year, Mel was unable to walk, but she supported other walkers by donating to their fundraising efforts.  The cake pictured above was just one of the items Mel donated to help raise money for breast cancer research and awareness.

To all the men and women who are self-sacrificing enough to walk 60 miles in 3 days: You go! You are our heroes! Thank you for what you’re doing!

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Children’s Motorcycle Birthday Cake

A few weeks ago, we were asked to make a cake for a young boy’s motorcycle-themed birthday party.  We were given full artistic license to do whatever we wanted so we began doing some Google image searches to gather ideas.  There are SOOOO many adult motorcycle cakes but very, very few cakes for children.  And sometimes, flames & tires are just not what you need for a two-year-old boy’s party.

So we decided to go with a checkered flag theme:

Motorcycle-themed birthday cake for a child's party

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Whimsical 50th Birthday Cake

All too often, adults don’t celebrate their birthdays with cake.  This is a big problem (at least if you ask us)!  But when we adults do celebrate, we celebrate in a big way! 30th, 40th, and 50th birthdays are huge!

We recently sat down with Brenda to design her own 50th birthday cake.  She hadn’t had a birthday party in…well, a loooooooong time…so she fully sketched out her cake before we even met to design it!

She wanted fun, funky, colorful, and sparkly!  And here’s what she got:

Brenda's 50th birthday cake

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Rubber Ducky Bubble Bath Cake

Here’s a fun cake we made for a little girl turning 1!  Most kids carry around their favorite blanket or teddy bear, but not Lulu!  She carries around her favorite rubber ducky!  So we designed her birthday cake around it and even topped it with a new rubber ducky for bathtime.

Lulu's rubber ducky birthday cake!

The bottom tier was iced in blue buttercream and accented with darker blue and yellow polka dots.  The top tier was decorated with fondant “wooden” planks to make a wooden bathtub.  And the whole cake was covered with buttercream “bubbles.”  The rubber ducky topper is an actual rubber ducky that Lulu was able to play with when the party was over and the cake was eaten.


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